Autumn Is Coming and I Need a New Bag


I know we don’t want to think about it but fall is almost here. Hey, wait,stop. Did I really say, I don’t want to think about fall?  Not true. I’m a fibber. Actually, I do want to think about it. I love fall. It is my favorite season! The sunshine tinged with the slightest bit of cool, the frost on the pumpkin, the leaves crunching under your feet. Ahhh, can you smell that fresh crisp air?

It’s almost time to go back to college. For me, I go back to work and I really need a good bag. It’s a bags bag. It’s a bag to put your purse, iPad, lunch, camera,or anything else you can think of. It comes in many other colors, but I like this navy blue.

I think it looks amazing. Everyone deserves a great bag for work, or class. Check the price, it’s amazing too.

suitable for women
Mens vintage canvas and leather satchel

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