The Casual Bicycle

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For a couple of years now, I’ve seen bikes that evoke memories of my bike as a child. Do you remember the bikes with banana seats? Room enough to ride two? When I was a kid, my cousin and I would ride twosome down the street, to the corner A&W and bought something. I can’t remember the treats, but I do remember the bike ride, and the way we would outmaneuver the neighborhood dogs, that thought to nip on our heels.

I am ashamed to say it, but the bikes I had as a teen and young adult, with all those speeds that meant nothing to me over, 3rd gear, hunched over looking at the concrete, or straining your neck upward to see where you were going, not to mention the man rail. Did never love THAT bike.

Lately,seeing the market changing to accommodate the casual bike rider, it seems I am not alone in my apathy for the bike that offers too much. Instead, here is a bike that features a step through frame with one speed, or no speed, that’s my thing.I thought,” This is a bike I could see me riding.”  I live in a suburb, so there isn’t anywhere to go, unless I want to gawk at other peoples houses, but it’s nice to know, that if  ever wanted that nostalgic feeling again, ( minus the dogs nipping at me) there is a bicycle marketed for me!



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  1. As a child when riding a bike home from my friend’s house, I used to pretend I was racing other bikes and I would mentally narrate the race, the way an announcer on TV might. Your post reminded me of those childhood memories on a bike. Thanks.

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