Military Techno-Thriller Time

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Before I begin, and just for fun, try saying techno-thriller trilogy, 3 times really fast.

A little about me

I am an avid book reader. I love paper books. I love the smell of new ink and paper. I like the physical feel of books and I have  too many books on my wish list for a lifetime but I downloaded the free Amazon desktop app.  Visiting Amazon today, I see a 99 cent trilogy. I am very tempted to download it how many book lists does one person need?

I can’t ignore my  itchy  trigger finger. You know what I’m talking about. The temptation that says,” You can have a trilogy for under a buck, and they’re good.” “Why Not?”

According to the reviews, I can’t go wrong. So what am ‘I’ waiting for. Here I am blogging about it. I didn’t blog about the car salesmen who sold me a car for more than I’m worth.

They say Libra’s can’t make up their mind and can’t make a definitive decision. Is that really fair?  Maybe it is self-preservation. Maybe if I order one cheap e-book, then I won’t be able to stop?

Like the car salesman, I’ve got to have someone forcing my hand, apparently.

The trilogy I want is called,  Plague Wars: Infection Day:  by David VanDyke  A military , techno-thriller, apocalyptic page turner. Yes, it’s true, Patchouli Flowers likes the apocalyptic genre, not exclusively, but yeah, totally readable. When the world is a little crazy, it’s good to read something crazier. You feel like,” Yeah, I got this.”

I just saw a reviewer compare the character Skull to Jack Reacher! I hope they are reaching because I’m not a fan of Reacher. Just say’in. I suppose if you are a Jack Reacher fan, you’ll like this. There is another reviewer who thinks the author’s writing style is  compared to Tom Clancy. It is quite a leap between Child and Clancy, don’t you think?

By the way,I wonder if it annoys the authors to be compared to other writers? I would want to be singular, and run the risk of seeming ungrateful, and not a very gracious receiver of a compliment.I think authors want to be respected on their own merits, but what do I know about fame or recognition? Nothing.

Lastly,I don’t see many bad reviews, and the issues I did see were not writing style, but a placement in time, and genre label. I think I can deal with that. It’s fiction and exciting to most people who read it.

I think, I’m going to do it.I think I am going to buy it. I did it! I got my e-wallet out and I downloaded Plague Wars Trilogy for .99    I’m so excited!

I should mention, if you don’t want to pay the .99, you can get a free trial of Kindle unlimited for one month, and even schedule the disconnect right on the website. I already participated in the unlimited trial, and it was great and easy to do. Easy to cancel too. No problems.

The free link is here. Enjoy!
Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial
8/14-16 Update:
Last night,I did indeed download Plague Wars. I fell asleep before I could read it, but I know I will like it.  I hope everyone enjoys August’s attic, as much as I do finding fun things to share.



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