Useful and Practical Uses For Demeter’s Eccentric Fragrances.

Public Domain Mark     Feature image is P.D.

Demeter. The name alone smacks of eccentricity and I like singular ideas, things and people.

About Demeter

Demeter’s classic fragrances are inspired by everyday items. Like sunshine and fresh cut grass, they will evoke pleasant memories and bring a beatific smile to your face. Demeter’s fragrances are diverse, in fact there are over 275 unique scents, such as Blue Spruce, Blueberry ,Tangerine, Moonbeam and floral scents like Honeysuckle and Plum Blossom. If that isn’t eccentric enough, try scents like,Lava Rock, Fresh Hay, Turpentine and Stable.



 Practical Uses:

Blind children:  Help visually impaired and blind  children use the sense of smell to learn about the world. When children are young they classify objects. Learning  object identification through everyday scents is a very important building block for concept development.. Demeter’s classic fragrances are perfect for a self-contained classroom or at home. Have fun naming familiar scents like Marshmallow,Popcorn,Grass and Thunderstorm.

Dementia/Alzheimer’s : The sense of smell is closely linked with memory. Parents will have fun identifying familiar scents. Other option is to use  a calming scent, such as Ylang Ylang or find a scent associated with a pleasant  childhood experience. Evoke a feeling of security and comfort.

Summer. We want it when we don’t have it. A great end of summer scent is Demeter’s Sunshine. It’s notes are vanilla,citrus and musk and it’s my pick for August and September.

Do you miss that old barn smell? The smell of a leather saddle? Or maybe you just want to wake up and smell chocolate cake everyday; Or maybe you want the smell of pipe tobacco on you. What about Halloween scent like Dust and Funeral Home? Whatever your inclination, Demeter has it. Demeter’s fragrances, simply singular, unique and eccentric. I like that.



Demeter’s pick me up classic fragrances A to Z list can be found here, at

I am not affiliated with Demeter in any way, but you can check out their price list and offerings at, or use my affiliate link  for Demeter fragrances at My Perfume



Disclosure:I am affiliated with my fragrance  Purchases made through links generate a small commission but do not in any way increase the price for you. 



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