Daily Prompt: Cake


Daily Prompt: Cake

Let them eat cake. Meaning let the poor eat cake if they can’t afford their bread.

Cake reminds me of money. I don’t know why, except for the questionable saying, which isn’t confirmed, Antoinette even said it. Ah, politics of the time. same o same o.

In 1970, if I made this much I could afford acres, horses and boats. In the 1980’s rent was cheap. In 2010 rent was cheap. Why is the cost of living so high? Who is taking my cake?

The tax man. I have not met him, but I think he must be very fat and wearing a red, white and blue stripey hat.

Local Tax. It is some consolation to see all of the road work being done. Our tax dollars at work, they say. Judging by the amount of road work, the city is bathing in cake.

Housing. By far the biggest share of my cake. Where has all of the affordable housing gone? Judging by how much the tax man takes, I should be eating cake everyday, by servants who place it gently on my tongue.

The car salesman must be eating cake, assuring me I can defiantly afford that car. I think I saw pieces of cake in his teeth, when he smiled.  I still walked away with the keys, driving away in the car, I knew I wouldn’t be eating cake for awhile. I do need to work for my daily bread though, so I didn’t have much of a choice.

Student loans. Well, here is where maybe, the federal loan companies share their cake. I pay them, and uncle Sam up there will give me a break. Not exactly cake but a piece of the pie as it were.

Groceries. The wonder of modern times. No matter how worrisome the cost of living,  I do have money left over for cake, if I want it.  As long as I have a nice roof over my head, a good job,and a car to get me there. I should feel blessed, I can have cake and eat it too.





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