WordPress meets the Jetsons

Ok, maybe I have been on W.P. too long today. I totally did a snafu. I didn’t know WordPress had jetpacks. I totally was thinking of memes and non serious things. I posted on someones post, in a totally non-serious way. I am so sorry. The last time I heard the word jetpack, I was watching the Jetsons. My brain obviously can’t let go.


“George Jetson: You’re going to broadcast pictures of my insides? Dr. Radius: That’s right. The Peek-A-Boo capsule will send back on-the-spot reports of everything. George Jetson: You ought to play some background music like, “Liver Come Back to Me”, or maybe, “I Get A Kidney Out of You”? How about, “Lung Ago And Far Away”? Dr. Radius: Open your mouth, please. That should be easy for you.”

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