Bog People the Ultimate Transmogrify

“Human bodies can last thousands of years in a Northern European peat bog without completely decomposing, due to the low-oxygen and highly acidic environment that develops in these ancient soils.”

Source: Photos of the Best Preserved Bog People
The featured photo is from National Geographic. Photo credit: Robert Clark of National Geographic

Forever fascinated by history,and archeology, I could not resist posting the story of the bog people, and how nature has completely changed these bodies so that they now resemble a sculpture.

We don’t see a person brutally murdered, just a person peacefully sleeping. Our perceptions can be transmogrified as well it seems. Do you gloss over the rope, as I do?

Even though, I thought this fit the theme for Transmogrify, I recategorized this post under, ‘press this’, since it is a link back from a story on the web. I see it is still under the W.P.C. listings.

I will update with an original photo challenge for Transmogrify.



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