Cool Drink Of Water :Satiated

It was a hot dry summer without my usual outside water supply. My flowers suffered; stumpy Shasta daisies, lavender which did not produce much pollen for the bees. I did what I could for the perennials, and did not plant any annuals. Wildflowers that so grew fast; they laid their heads down on the hard parched earth, and died.I promised myself, that next summer I would purchase a soaker hose.

Anyway….imagine scorched earth, and not much growth.

In October the rains came, pouring down on the hardy roots of wildflowers. New sprouts pushed through the softened soil. I kept watching,thinking they would just give up, tire out. This little leftover bunch of flowers were determined to make a good show. I am so surprised  at the tenacity of living things. I took this photo on November 22nd. These flowers have been drinking water for several weeks, and they couldn’t look more Sated.

9-5-17 replaced photo with a late June version. I just couldn’t bear looking at the stumps.

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