Daily Prompt: Liminal

Liminal is either very finite or infinite, and to ponder that notion hurts my head.

My thoughts as they apply to the word Liminal are fleeting. I tried  to grasp the idea between the here and there, but the second I do, the moment passes.

I know time between long holiday naps and the daily prompt, seem very liminal.  It was very early in morning, and I see the posting wall for the daily prompt stood empty, but pregnant with liminality, but THAT wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, nor was the time after the holiday festivities, when I know I have to clean the stove.

For me this word is a head scratcher. I wanted something different, something more. I decide  I would need to confer with a Buddhist Monk, or watch Kung Fu re-runs with David Carradine before I could find the ‘some – thing’ which is elusive to me. The word should not be so hard to contemplate as Chan,Zen, Buddhism.

I think I’ll let it go, before I lose my mind. After all, “You can only lose what you cling to” ~Buddha



  1. Thanks for the sharing. I am answering your question here, the best I can. I might be wrong, but anyway I think of, liminal as a pause. A transition,maybe. Twilight or dusk.


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