WP: Photo Challenge *Waiting

DSCF5114 (3)_Fotor

Cats are always Waiting. Waiting for the bird, the shadow, the snuggle. What are they seeing when they sit so still?

It may, or may not, be connected to how cats perceive the world. Cats have a wider visual field of 200 degrees, compared to humans visual field of 180. Can you imagine being able to see an extra 20 degrees from your peripheral vision?  This wider visual field comes at a price. A cat’s vision is quite a bit more blurry at distances. Humans can see clearly at 100 feet or more. A cat would have to be 20 feet away to see the same objects with the same visual acuity as a human. Cats do have something we do not have. They see in the dark pretty well, which explains why they seem to sit and wait for us to trip on them in the middle of the night. They see us; we don’t see them. Why move when it’s obvious to the cat, to sit and wait for us to walk around? With all that in mind, is it any wonder cats sit and wait?

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