Autumn Glow

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“Autumn, the years last loveliest smile.” -William Cullen Byrant



A song will answer most of life’s Tough Questions

A Song will answer most of life’s Tough Questions

Well, not really, but they are a catharsis.

The news, the partisanship, the embellishing, I  don’t know what the truths are, or what parts are the half-truths. I can guess, but to have unwavering faith in anything I read doesn’t make it the truth.

My truths are the things I can control, touch, feel. My warm Saturday cozy blankets, a hot cup of cocoa, my family, and friends.

Are my answers are reduced to basic needs? So be it. In my little cocoon of peace, I am self-fulfilled.

When I focus on my life, I can rise above the shrieking news.Headlines that want your attention. News that does nothing to uplift or encourage. To keep one wondering about the future of safety of the country. Do you think the news can imply, or project  where  the country is in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Can a country even have a physiological bent?  The popular vote said, most Americans felt physiologically good,and safe. The electoral college vote something else entirely. I would like to know who they thought they were making a deal with. A tough question. A confusing muddle, so I shut it down, and listen to a song.

Enter Joe Walsh

I watched a Joe Walsh video, and everything was alright.  You won’t get tough questions answered,….but you can nod like a sage
“You Never Know” From the Album “There Goes The Neighborhood”
by Joe Walsh

Secrets always travel farther than they should
And loose translations float around the neighborhood
And rumors don’t do anyone a bit of good
They just get started, funny you never know
You never know The first-amendment vigilante attitude
The gospel truth according to the book of Someone said so
The front line grapevine jury’s in a nasty mood
You might be guilty, honey you’ll never know
You never know Did you hear about the gossip column
Senate subcommittee probe
The allegations put the neck around your rope
The nominations droolin’ on the envelope
A likely story, funny you’ll never know
You never know, you never know
You never know

 Bog People the Ultimate Transmogrify

“Human bodies can last thousands of years in a Northern European peat bog without completely decomposing, due to the low-oxygen and highly acidic environment that develops in these ancient soils.”

Source: Photos of the Best Preserved Bog People
The featured photo is from National Geographic. Photo credit: Robert Clark of National Geographic

Forever fascinated by history,and archeology, I could not resist posting the story of the bog people, and how nature has completely changed these bodies so that they now resemble a sculpture.

We don’t see a person brutally murdered, just a person peacefully sleeping. Our perceptions can be transmogrified as well it seems. Do you gloss over the rope, as I do?

Even though, I thought this fit the theme for Transmogrify, I recategorized this post under, ‘press this’, since it is a link back from a story on the web. I see it is still under the W.P.C. listings.

I will update with an original photo challenge for Transmogrify.

WordPress meets the Jetsons

Ok, maybe I have been on W.P. too long today. I totally did a snafu. I didn’t know WordPress had jetpacks. I totally was thinking of memes and non serious things. I posted on someones post, in a totally non-serious way. I am so sorry. The last time I heard the word jetpack, I was watching the Jetsons. My brain obviously can’t let go.


“George Jetson: You’re going to broadcast pictures of my insides? Dr. Radius: That’s right. The Peek-A-Boo capsule will send back on-the-spot reports of everything. George Jetson: You ought to play some background music like, “Liver Come Back to Me”, or maybe, “I Get A Kidney Out of You”? How about, “Lung Ago And Far Away”? Dr. Radius: Open your mouth, please. That should be easy for you.”